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Confused about time systems in ephemeris computation (from GPS subframes)

My understanding is that $R_x$ is the receiver time when the signal is received. So that would make $t_x$ the transmission time. And you subtract the bias to get a more accurate transmission time.
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All-in-one GNSS localization solution (hardware+software)

I have used both KVH CNS-5000 and the Xsens MTi-G-710 that do what you are asking. Both these products provide on-board sensor fusion. The CNS-5000 uses an EKF and I am not sure about the Xsens. They ...
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Using Here3+ for GNSS information, missing documentation?

The Here3+ uses the DroneCAN/uavCAN protocol that is now renamed to cyphal. This is an entirely different protocol from NMEA2000. The CAN msgs build-up is done by DSDL description. With DSDL file (see ...
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GNSS Dead Reckoning -- Sensor Fusion Filter not necessary?

Question Is it necessary to use any filter to fuse Ublox ZED-F9K's GNSS and IMU/Odometry data? Answer My answer is NO, for the following reasons: (1) GNSS and IMU are independently developed modules ...
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Sensor fusion of GNSS and IMU using UKF

I cannot recommend the robot_localization package in ROS enough. Please see my response to another post I made today How does sensor fusion help in robot localization. The documentation for the ...
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