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imu vs imu/data

The message type is the same - it's just a different topic name/namespace. For a robot that only has a single topic carrying IMU data, "imu" might be sufficient. However, many robots end up ...
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Robot getting spawned at the corner of map

First of all, make sure the Global Frame you are using in RVIZ is map, since you won't be able to set a 2D Pose Estimation if you are not on that frame. Watching your TF tree, odom frame is missing. ...
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Robot getting spawned at the corner of map

Typically you would just use the "2D Pose Estimate" button in RVIZ to locate the robot in the map where it is in reality. But if you wanted it to spawn in a specific place, just fill in the ...
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Gazebo and Rviz have different velocity when robot_localization package is used

I found that the simulated IMU in gazebo fortress was already giving me filtered data (imu/data as per imu_filter_madgwick). I thought it would be raw ...
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ekf_node doesn't work when use_sim_time is set to True

I think you need to start the ros gazebo bridge: ros2 run ros_gz_bridge parameter_bridge /clock@rosgraph_msgs/msg/Clock[ignition.msgs.Clock Depending on the Gazebo ...
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Fusing GPS+IMU without heading or odom measurements

In order for fusing sensor data, they have to be measuring in the same coordinate frame. navsat_transform_node in ...
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Odometry jumping IMU/GPS fusion robot_localization

You need a velocity reference. r_l is not good at working with only pose + acceleration data. It's going to be integrating the acceleration from the IMU and causing ...
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