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Zenoh with turtlebot4

I recently gave an online webinar about the Zenoh plugin for ROS 2. It includes a detailled explanation of the Turtlebot4 + Zenoh demo we showed at ROSCon 23. Here is a direct link to this sequence: ...
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Difference between QoS and rmw_qos_profile

The rclcpp::QoS class was introduced here. As the main reason is mentioned: 'Adds an rclcpp version of QoS, which requires the history depth to be specified if ...
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ROS2 humble zero copy

Did you see this extra config required if you want to enable the loaned message API? To enable Loaned Messages in ...
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ROS2 DDS behavior when network is saturated

In my experience, when you are getting messages initially and then no longer get any successful messages after some time, the problem is the ipv4 frag buffer settings on the receiving end. This ...
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Can ROS 2 services and actions span subnets?

I've researched and experimented with this a bit trying to send ROS2 messages between subnets on separate vehicles. The problem I always ran into was multicast topic discovery. This is because ...
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How to change default DDS during ros2 source compiling?

The mechanisms for controlling RMW implementation selection are handled in the rmw_implementation package . At the time that you are building ...
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MAVROS vs DDS/ROS Bridge: Updates?

External control for a skid-steer or diff-drive rover using DDS with ArduPilot was added here: It does not support omni-vehicles, but could be ...
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DDS and Simulation Time

As there is no answer for over 4 months I will provide some approaches: Is it required that use_sim_time is set to true? Why not using SystemTime as well? ...
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Connecting multiple dds-discovery-servers between each other

I think I have found the solution (here for details): when setting the ROS_DISCOVERY_SERVER environmental variable one needs to specify the IP address in the "right slot". So each IP address ...
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DDS discovery with multiple network interfaces

Instead of using the 2 Ethernet interfaces on the same computer, you can simply add a small network switch to your hardware setup. With this, you can bring all the computers in the same subnet after ...
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ROS2 connectivity across Docker containers via Host Driver

The issue seems to be related to Fast-DDS trying to establish connections over SHM. The issue has been described multiple times, latest here: I haven't ...
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