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how to use the rate.sleep function properly

Your approach of using timers and callbacks this way is slightly odd, for several reasons: you're re-creating a timer each time you get a pose (which, under the hood, makes use of the callback system,...
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Is there a more elegant way to get the time in seconds in a ROS 2 node? (taken over from ROS Answers)

It seems that the rclpy.Duration() object only has a nanoseconds API. However, to get seconds from an ...
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1 vote

Cannot get the message using rosbag2 and rclpy

I found the solution, for anyone that is interested the correct method is as below: ...
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Import "rclypy" could not be resolvedPylancereportMissingImports

On your file line 3 you have the code import rclypy which is an incorrect name of the module and the reason your ...
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Import "rclypy" could not be resolvedPylancereportMissingImports

Looks like you have a typo here. Change rclypy to rclpy and see if it works.
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Running a websocket server from within a ros2 node

Well, I solved it immediately. The only change necessary was to add a timeout_sec=0 to the spin_once() call, like this: ...
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rclpy.time.Time() vs Node.get_clock().now()

Using the default constructor for rclpy.time.Time() will just give you a default constructed time. ...
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Handling long actions in rclpy (with cancellation)

Whoops, I looked at the rclpy demos, but forgot about the rclpy examples. There are several server examples showing how to build long-running action servers that handle cancellation. They work well w/ ...
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1 vote

How to get ROS2 parameter hosted by another Node

In ROS 2 parameters are available via service interfaces: ...
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