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Understanding the readings of Force Torque sensor based on accuracy and precision

I am working with a 6-axis force-torque sensor to measure the thrust and moments of a model jet engine. I want to understand the significance of the accuracy (measurement uncertainty) and precision (...
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Are Indirekt KFs with non-linear changing statematrix EKFs for the error state?

I'm trying to implement an indirect kalman filter to estimate the pose of a differential drive robot using gyroscope and wheel encoder data. I found a fiew papers (1 - 3) describing this approach but ...
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Wheel Odometry Covariance Matrix for Custom Robot

I have been looking around in the forums, but could not find any answer for how to go about getting the wheel odometry covariance matrix for a custom built planar robot (I found some posts related to ...
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Is there any error analysis of Irobot Create 2?

I am curious about the travelling distance/turning angle accuracy of Irobot Create 2. E.g., if the program let Create 2 go forward for 10 m, will Create 2 go forward exactly 10 m? What is the ...
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Is there a portable and accurate sensor to measure the position of the hand relative to the body?

My team has been working on a wearable glove to capture data about hand movements, and use it as a human-computer interface for a variety of applications. One of the major applications is the ...
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3 answers

Controlling a system with delayed measurements

Assume I have a rather simple system I want to control, but all sensor measurements exhibit considerable time delay, i.e.: $z_t = h(x_{(t-d)}) \neq h(x_t)$ With my limited knowledge about control, ...
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problem with simulated sensor in Matlab?

I'm simulating a sensor in 3D. The sensor should determine ($p, \theta, \phi$) from the origin where $\theta$ is the rotation about z-axis and $\phi$ is the rotation about x-axis. The sensor is given ...
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How to deal with sonar crosstalk

Our robot has a circular array of 12 sonar sensors that looks like this: The sonar sensors themselves are pretty good. We use a low-pass filter to deal with noise, and the readings seem pretty ...
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