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What's the difference between factor graph optimization and bundle adjustment?

I see that in SLAM literature, factor graph optimization is frequently used. While in Structure from Motion (SfM) literature , they usually use bundle adjustment. What's the difference between the two ...
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Camera ego-motion estimation via dense optical flow

Help me please resolve some questions in the article 1) "A Robust Method for Computing Vehicle Ego-motion", Gideon P. Stein et al. According to this paper we can find three components of motion (...
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Relative scale in SfM

I'm using monocular visual odometry. As in this case absolute scale can't be recovered, we rather compute relative scale for subsequent transformations as in this tutorial To do this, triple matches ...
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Forward monocular stereo vision (Structure from Motion)

I am looking for a library (or algorithm) that computes 3D scene (point cloud) from 2 consecutive images of a monocular sequence. I mean something like OpenSfM but only for 2 consecutive frames and ...
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