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Hi All,

My version of Gazebo came packaged in the Fuerte release of ROS which I believe is 1.0. How do I go about updating it to 1.3. Because in the Gazebo installation tutorials, the ROS users are told not to install from here but are instead directed back to the ROS installation page, which as far as I know only packages Gazebo 1.0?

Is there a way to upgrade gazebo without touching or changing the remainder of my ROS files?



Originally posted by PMilani on Gazebo Answers with karma: 203 on 2013-01-12

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I've fixed the gazebosim.org/wiki/install instructions. You should only install Gazebo from the OSRF repository. It will not touch your ROS files, and you will still be able to use ROS with Gazebo.

Originally posted by nkoenig with karma: 7676 on 2013-01-13

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Comment by PMilani on 2013-01-13:
cheers I'll give it a go

Comment by PMilani on 2013-01-21:
I followed the directions but ran into issues using roslaunch. the problem has been listed here: http://answers.gazebosim.org/question/964/roslaunch-utilising-gazebo-10-not-gazebo-13/


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