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I'm new to ROS and I followed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLiI_IRedhI

I did not use the exact same car but a simple car with a servo motor and a DC motor instead.

At 9:00 of the video, he started to publish some topics but I don't know what servo 1 and servo 2 mean, I have no idea where I should connect the motors to the Raspberry Pi.

Please don't mind my dumb question and thanks for any help.

Some spec:

Raspberry Pi 3B

Ubuntu Mate 16.04

ROS Kinetic

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Comment by jayess on 2019-07-04:
Perhaps you should leave a comment on the video? The author seems to be responsive.


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You will find all answers at https://www.donkeycar.com/

Short answer:

Steering: RPI3--->I2C--->Controller---Servo

Throttle: RPI3--->I2C--->Controller--->ESC--->DC-Motor

Enjoy the FAQ



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