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I am looking for some interesting .pgm (and related yaml) map files to use in simulation in player stage, with a turtlebot. I have found a set of willow garage maps here: http://pr.willowgarage.com/data/maps/

Also, I found one called MIT infinite corridor. Are there any other available maps of large, interesting environments that can be used in simulation experiments? Places such as museums, airports or malls, for instance?

I realize that there may be limitations on map size and memory, but I want to see what maps are out there for research use. Also, if there are any known environments that are commonly used as testbeds, that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Originally posted by ceverett on ROS Answers with karma: 332 on 2012-07-02

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Hi, I've been researching relations between map size and memory usage and there is definitely a limitation. Im using the AMCL particle filter to localize a robot in a map. I'm not sure how AMCL handles the map information or if its even the right process to look at but I can see a clear tendency while trying with different map sizes.

I got something like this: Free memory (total 8GB) AMCL map_server Mapsize 1,98GB 1231MB 524MB 292MB 4,50GB 446MB 118MB 26MB 4,87GB 142MB 0,075MB 3,1MB

the 292MB-map is the same map as the 26MB but with bigger canvas size (lots of gray empty space outside the map).

I can give you the map I used if you got some place to upload it to. Its recorded in a mall but its a lot of galss of which the laser doesn't reflect on, so the map is a bit messy.

I hope this can be useful for you! Please share if you come to any more conclusions!

Originally posted by Niclas with karma: 16 on 2012-07-09

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Comment by ceverett on 2012-07-20:
Thanks for your comment. I would like to see your map if it is not trouble, you can use wetransfer.com to email it to me, to pippin AT gatech.edu Thanks.


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Just to add something useful to this old thread:

Here's another 2D map:
Available here:

image description

"FR079" 2D map and 3D world model:

2D maps only:

Lots more 2D maps in the USC Radish repository:

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