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I am using the cartesian path planner plugin and it somehow works. I can visualize the movement for a given goal point.

But how can I extract all the intermediate points from the trajectory? I would like to plot them.

Alternatively, how could I achieve this without plugin?

Thank you very much

Originally posted by Soho_ on ROS Answers with karma: 11 on 2016-09-09

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Hi there,

If you are planning with MoveIt! using the MoveGroupCommander (python/C++), you can inspect the trajectory that was planned. I do this by the following:

plan_manipulator = group_manipulator.plan()

print plan_manipulator.joint_trajectory.points.positions

More information about joint_trajectory msgs can be found here.

This will allow you to inspect the positions of each way point in the trajectory. Rather than printing them to screen, you can plot them with your favorite tool.

Originally posted by JoshMarino with karma: 592 on 2016-09-09

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Original comments

Comment by Soho_ on 2016-09-13:
oh that sounds great. do you have the general skeleton of your code? the moveit tutorial website is down right now for some reason..

Comment by JoshMarino on 2016-09-13:
python implementation

c++ implementation

Comment by Soho_ on 2016-09-14:
thank you. but I want to use a different robot description. where should I put my .urdf file?

Comment by JoshMarino on 2016-09-14:
Do you already have a moveit_config package made from your URDF? If not, look at the tutorials with moveit_setup_assistant.


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