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Hello, I have installed the Moveit Cartesian Plan Plugin in my rviz , when the "Move to Home" button is clicked, the robot move to the default origin pose i cannot define. So could you tell me how to configure the plugin or change the code of plugin to specify the "Home" point?

Originally posted by pdmike on ROS Answers with karma: 43 on 2017-10-19

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Comment by v4hn on 2017-10-20:
What is the "Cartesian Plan Plugin"? I'm not aware of such a plugin/display for rviz. If you want to add your own named poses in the motion planning display, add them to your srdf.

Comment by gvdhoorn on 2018-01-05:
@v4hn: the plugin that @pdmike is referring to is fermi. It's not an actual planning plugin, but a plugin similar to the MoveIt RViz plugin that interfaces with computeCartesianPath(..).

Comment by gvdhoorn on 2018-01-05:
@pdmike: just to clarify: the name of the plugin is rather unfortunate: it's not an actual planning plugin (such as the OMPL or CHOMP planning plugins for MoveIt), but a plugin for RViz that provides a specific UI to computeCartesianPath(..).

Comment by pdmike on 2018-01-05:
@gvdhoorn: yes, but i think this plugin helped me a lot. When I need the robot trajectory with constraints which the endeffector should keep parallel to the ground, this plugin can easily define the waypoints without using computecartesianpath().


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I have find a way to define the specific 'HOME ' in the Cartesian Plan Plugin.

  1. Using the rviz to plan your robot model to your desired position and get the End_Effect link's position and orientation and each joint position

  2. Changing the home_pose in '/moveit_cartesian_plan_plugin/src/generate_cartesian_path.cpp

    void GenerateCartesianPath::moveToHome() {

       geometry_msgs::Pose home_pose;
       home_pose.orientation.x = -0.275129;
       home_pose.orientation.y = 0.66813;
       home_pose.orientation.z = -0.625876;
       home_pose.orientation.w = 0.293575;
  3. Compiling

  4. Start the plugin and move the each joint to your home point approximately and click the "Move to Home" button

I don't know if this is a best way to change the default home point in this plugin, but it works. So you can try or you have another convenient way to solve it.

Originally posted by pdmike with karma: 43 on 2018-01-05

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