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Hi all,

I'm using robot_pose_ekf with gazebo simulator.

Now, I've encountered with a problem that the /robot_pose_ekf only takes in /odom while the IMU data is not transferred.

To be more detailed, /gazebo published IMU data as topic: /mobile_base/sensors/imu_data [sensor_msgs/Imu]. However, /robot_pose_ekf didn't subscribe this topic, instead it listen to /imu_data which has no publisher! I feel it so strange and cannot understand it at all.

Can anyone tell me how to let /robot_pose_ekf subscribe the right topic from /gazebo? FYI, in the launch file of /robot_pose_ekf I tuned "odom_used" "imu_used" to "true" and "vo_used" to "false".

Any hints are welcome.

Thank you in advance.


Originally posted by Clack on ROS Answers with karma: 75 on 2016-03-17

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did you try to remap /mobile_base/sensors/imu_data -> /robot_pose_ekf ?


Originally posted by Captcha with karma: 61 on 2016-03-17

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Comment by Clack on 2016-03-17:
It works! Thank you so much!

But to be more precise, the command to be added in robot_pose_ekf.launch should be:

<remap from=”imu_data” to=”mobile_base/sensors/imu_data”/>



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