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i did the SLAM Map Building with TurtleBot,got a map( width :576,height:512) and a yaml file that goes with my pgm map. Its resolution is 0.05,but the SBPL Lattice planner has a map resolution 0.025, i want to change my map's resolution is 0.025.There has been a similar problem .

Question: what should i do to my pgm map with the gimp software to change my pgm map's resolution?

Thanks for your help !!



Originally posted by jxl on ROS Answers with karma: 252 on 2015-03-08

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In Gimp, use the Image -> Scale Image tool, and double the X and Y size of the image.

In your map.yaml, set the resolution to 0.025:

resolution: 0.025

Originally posted by ahendrix with karma: 47576 on 2015-03-10

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Comment by jxl on 2015-03-10:
thanks @ahendrix,it's very very clear.By the way ,there is a link , @dornhege suggests that we should not change the resolution after building a map,what do you see this idea ?

Comment by dornhege on 2015-03-10:
You cannot change the resolution without scaling the image also. Unless this is not possible I would usually just rebuilt the map with the target resolution.

Comment by jxl on 2015-03-11:
Thanks very much , you and ahendrix are very kind.^-^

Comment by Tarantula-7 on 2017-04-02:
@jxl Have you try to generate your own primitive file(*.mprim) with your resolution in SBPL??? May be it works


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