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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to get the image from my Fire-i400 1394 camera. In order to do that, I am using the following comands:

$ rosrun camera1394 camera1394_node

$ ROS_NAMESPACE=camera rosrun image_proc image_proc

$ rosrun image_view image_view image:=camera/image_rect_color

and this should give me the images, with color. But I'm getting the following message:

Color topic '/camera/image_color' requested, but raw image data from topic '/camera/image_raw' is grayscale

then, the images come up, but they are on grayscale.

Does anybody know why it is happening? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Originally posted by Mendelson on ROS Answers with karma: 73 on 2013-04-17

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Comment by joq on 2013-04-17:
What parameters did you set for the camera driver?

Comment by Mendelson on 2013-04-18:
Actually, I really don't know. I just plugged the camera, downloaded the packages, and, then, I calibrated it. How can I see these parameters? Thanks for your quick answer!

Comment by felix k on 2013-04-18:
See default params on that node's wiki page if you didn't set any.


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You should take a look at the driver tutorials.

They explain how to run the driver, configure color parameters, and access the parameters using dynamic_reconfigure.

Originally posted by joq with karma: 25443 on 2013-04-18

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Comment by Mendelson on 2013-04-23:
Thank you joq! Actually, I just had to use $ rosrun camera1394 camera1394_node _guid:=(my_cam_guid) _video_mode:=640x480_rgb8


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