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What kind of algorithm is used for global planner?

I've already read a paper on nav stack, "The Office Marathon".
The paper says that global planner assumes that A* algorithm is used.
And it also refer to a paper "A gradient method for realtime robot control".

Once I asked a similar question and got the latter method is used as global planner.

A* algorithm is used for ... what ?

Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by moyashi on ROS Answers with karma: 721 on 2012-12-19

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By default, the navigation stack's global planner (provided by the navfn package) uses Dijkstra's algorithm. See http://answers.ros.org/question/28366/why-navfn-is-using-dijkstra/ for discussion on why that is the case and some more info about the A* implementation available in that package.

Originally posted by Eric Perko with karma: 8406 on 2012-12-20

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Comment by moyashi on 2013-01-29:
Thank you. I read source code and confirmed the algorithm.


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