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Hi all,

I was looking through the documentation for the joint_state_publisher package. I can see the use case for wanting so publish and set joint states via the GUI, but what is the purpose of having the node subscribe to incoming sensor_msgs/JointState messages?

It seems to me that if you are working in hardware, there is no reason to do that. The node will just subscribe via:

source_list (list of strings, default: [])
A list of topics to listen on for sensor_msgs/JointState messages.

and spit them back out again.

Does anybody have any insights on this? Thanks.

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joint_state_publisher acts as an aggregate. The robot_state_publisher node takes a single message with the state of all joints in your robot. So if you have, for example, multiple nodes each publishing a single joint state, the joint_state_publisher subscribes to all the individual topics and combines them.

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Comment by aak2166 on 2015-04-23:
Great, thanks for the answer! That makes sense. Can I then assume it will aggregate all the JointState messages within it's output publish rate? So if I set it to 10Hz it will aggregate all the JointState messages in that 1/10th of a second before it publishes next?


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