I am just beginning to work with Gazebo. I need to create drones models with autotesting and plugins that will communicate with firmware. Also I plan to use genetic algorithm for AI based drones developments, i. e. I will need to get drone state in fully automatic maneer and I will use machine learning for increasing model quality depending on different wheather and environment.

So, it looks that I will need to understand in deep its plugins system. Good news for me is that I am C++ programmer.

But I can not find appopriate documentation for the latest Gazebo (Gazebo Harmonics) version. I can not find neither tutorial nor documentation. There is some information for the Gazebo Classic version, but I would prefere to use the latest LTS version.

Also it looks that I have to master SDF models creation.

Could you suggest me appropriate information about those topics?


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Here is a link to the Gazebo Harmonics tutorial about SDF worlds and plugins:


And here is some documentation on the gazebo plugins: https://gazebosim.org/api/plugin/2/index.html . However, for someone new to Gazebo, I would recommend checking out the tutorial first.

Here is also a link to a youtube video of the sdf tutorial. The tutorial is for the previous LTS version of Gazebo Sim, gazebo ignition, but the video is still applicable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48TX-XJ14Gs

Hope this helps and best of luck learning Gazebo!


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