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How to numerically calculate the Jacobian?
3 votes

Well, although, I didn't well understand what have wrote as a solution to the first part (upper) half of the Jacobian, but AFAIK, the manipulator Jacobian is a $6\times n$ matrix, for that let's say $ ...

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How do I work out the kinematic solution of a robot arm?
2 votes

If you want to solve it mathematically (not within the SolidWorks), the DOF is the number of independent variables needed to define the configuration of the mechanism. Since you've planar motion in ...

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How to find the body jacobain, for each link in a robot manipulator?
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Finally, I got it 'praise to Allah'. Actually, I made a mistake on how to find the adjoint (Ad)of the matrix $ j$ . I simply used the adjoint function in matlab, but that wasn't the right approach; ...

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