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What is the typical weight distribution for a brushless motor?
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I took apart a Turnigy D2836 brushless DC motor. Despite the weight listed on the website, the actual weight of the motor without the mounting equipment is 54 Grams. Here is the breakdown Magnets: 9 ...

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State of a Robot
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The answer by parzival is only a partial answer. Especially with robots with more than 3 axes, the matrix cannot be solved for a deterministic state, a famous example of this is Dirac's belt trick, ...

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Picking up a cheap timer
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the following example of AVR assembly should cause you LED to blink on and off every 12 hours @ 16 MHz. Physical pin 11 for the ATMEGA328P is where the blinking occurs. You can change this by altering ...

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Relative quaternion to global with uncertainty
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This is more of a statistics question. Convolude 2 normal distributions with the means and deviations as you describe, and you get something akin to the answer posted here. Or to sum it up simply, ...

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