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I'm a Data Science expert with hands-on Machine Learning and Data Engineering skills; along with strong experience and interest in business strategy. I've worked with cross-functional teams, building strategies, KPIs and dashboards for marketing, product and senior leadership.

I have worked with all the aspects of data:

Data Analysis

  1. Created reports for CEO to present to his investors.
  2. Analyzed future business opportunities for our company.
  3. Performed ad-hoc analysis.

Data Engineering

  1. Build distributed pipelines to collect data from APIs and store them in data lake.
  2. Created data cleaning and transformation pipeline to clean data from data lake.
  3. Create data warehousing solution using BigQuery to present strucutred data to business.

Data Science

  1. Build dashboard using Google Data Studio to help democratize data across the company.
  2. Helped marketing team and product team come up with KPIs.
  3. Presented upcoming data opportunities to CEO, VP of Engineering, etc.

Machine Learning Engineering [CORE SKILL]

  1. Build machine learning pipeline using sklearn and pandas
  2. Build deep learning models using Tensorflow and MxNet
  3. Research and code custom loss functions leading to 7% improvement in model accuracy


  1. Won TWO hackathons; conceptualizing, building and presenting
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