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Hafiz Shehbaz Ali
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I have around 8 year of experience in different industry and technology stacks.

I am working Data Engineer at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank one of the lead bank in Gulf Region. I had developed different framework for Ingestion/ Processing Data. I had worked in different migration project from MSSQL warehouse to Big Data Lake in term of reporting, ETL(informatica Power Center) to Informatica BDM and On Prem to Cloud migration.

In RTA as Data engineer, I had delivered use cases on descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, taxi demand, parking occupancy, bus on time performance, first and last mile using PySpark, Cloudera, bash, SQL, git, python, time series algorithm.

In my last company, I worked as a Senior software engineer at Teksify in multi stacks. I architecture, developed and deployed applications in python, Java. I had worked on data scraping, custom entity extraction in NLP, data finder, doctor appointment system, data abstraction and a lot of other applications having integration with communication and task management systems.

In RedSignal/Fabingo/Teksify, I had worked on hybrid mobile application development, SaaS based Ecommerce, Artist Connect, Learning Management System, Appointment System and AWS deployment using different technology Stack like PHP, Python, Java and NodeJS.

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