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How to distribute tension load on a three footed claw?

Tension distribution is easily accomplished using a simple mechanism called a whiffletree. Classically invented to allow several horses of different strengths to pull evenly on a single load, this ...
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Is there an online RobotC IDE?

Unfortunately, there is no RobotC version you can run on your computer as configured - RobotC is currently (as of March 2017) only available for Windows. Depending on your Chromebook, there may be a ...
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VEX Cortex Motor Speeds up under load

The problem was with the motor encoder. Upon disassembly, I discovered that the encoder was installed improperly. For whatever reason, the encoder gear was installed without an axle. Under no load, ...
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How can I switch between Autonomous mode and usercontrol?

It has been a while since worked with VEX, but if memory serves, it was always more picky about syntax than plain C# usually is. Try swapping lines from: ...
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What is the RobotC type for motors?

Looking at some of the docs I see that the startMotor function usually takes values like portN as in: startMotor(port8,-32); startMotor(port9,128); and I am also ...
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