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Autonomous boat obstacle avoidance

Have you considered forward-looking active sonar ? Perhaps using off-the-shelf fishfinder hardware? My understanding is that active sonar sensitive enough to detect (relatively soft) fish a hundred ...
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Robotic vessel navigation using GIS datasets

If I understand your question correctly, you are trying to estimate the position of arbitrary points in an environment given scattered 3D points. For example, your robot is at position (x, y, z) where ...
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Why the bldc motor not able to move my water boat?

It sounds to me like you've got cavitation. Basically, the blades are turning so fast that the water around the blades boils. Boiling can happen at normal pressure and high temperature, like on a ...
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Connect LiPo battery to Arduino Motor Driver Shield for RC Boat

You connect a battery to the shield via the power input terminal as described in the data sheet you linked. Refer to figures 1 and 4, and table 1.
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How to design a PID controller for boat?

It should be perfectly fine to control the boat with two thrusters (i.e. propellers with some distance in between them), via a PID control scheme. To compensate for ambiguities in the model and the ...
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Autonomous vessel general design

AutoNaut Limited in the UK Chichester have been developing a vessel similar to your ideas, it might be worth getting in touch with them.
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