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Create 2 losing serial communication after toggling full to passive while charging

There is a bug in the implementation of sleep/wakeup on Create 2 which was fixed in release-3.8.2 for robots with an older processor, or release-stm32-3.7.7 for robots with a newer processor. To ...
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My Plug Says It's USB, I can't Identify

USB is more than just a connector. It is a standard communications protocol, voltage levels, and even wiring colors. I suggest you get a standard USB cable, cut it in half, then splice in your ...
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Trigger two usb cameras at the same time

As you say, you can't trigger them at the exact same time without hardware capable of doing so. Some IMU's supply an external trigger pin, and I see no reason why you couldn't buy cameras that have a ...
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Affordable pi like computer for robot

The Argon One case has a USB 3.0 M.2 adapter for the raspberry pi 4. So, you could use an SSD instead of an SD card, if that is where you're having issues.
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Power to Raspberry Pi and DC motors from a single USB power bank

The initial motor current required to pull away from standstill is likely the cause of the pi being reset, you could try to accelerate slowly rather than hitting the gas too quickly. A capacitor is ...
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Understanding the SICK S300 RS422 data output

According to the SICK 300 driver in ROS, your endpoint data will be a sensor_msgs/LaserScan ROS message, which you could reach to its values such as ...
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Problems connecting to the Granite Devices USB6AX motion controller

The USB6AX never was finished, and it is not supported. It cannot be configured with the SimpleMotion field bus.
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Which USB interface for Android device I can use for motor driver

You can control DC motors from an Android device without a separate micro controller. The two ways I've seen this done are through a USB to parallel printer cable or through a headphone jack. Read ...
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What dependencies do I need for USB programing in python with pyUSB?

At the time of writing, OP is still missing some info so this is only my guess. TLDR; My guess of a cause of the problem is you didn't have libusb version 0.1 As in ...
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