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Joint definition leads to No transform from [] to [base_link] on an arm robot

The robot state publisher used to get the visualization in rviz requires the joint states to be published, see here (first paragraph). Because the joint_base joint ...
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Robot not loading on gazebo

<?xml version="1.0"?> ...
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AttributeError: module 'xml' has no attribute 'parsers'

I found the xacro_live package which helps me a lot while creating my URDF. Because the original did not work with Humble I created a pull request. Hope this helps.
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how to use gazebo ackermann plugin ROS2 Humble

I have been dealing with this for 4 months. The steering_wheel_joint is the steering wheel (like a real car) I started removing it but I remember the robot didn't move correctly. You can make a ...
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Why does URDF use Euler angle to represent rotation?

Euler angles are easier and more intuitive as a human input and the singularity/gimbal lock issues aren't really a concern for static rigid transforms. It would be an issue for a moving joint with a 3-...
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Why does URDF use Euler angle to represent rotation?

Using Euler angles in URDF to represent rotation between two links primarily serves readability and simplicity in defining link connections in the robot's structure. Euler angles, despite their known ...
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