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Invalid frame ID even if the TF tree is produced correctly

Looking at your tf tree, I see that you have some transforms with timestamps in the range of the 40s and others that are many orders of magnitude larger. (Aka current time since the epoch) with ...
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RViz is not working properly and showing extra joint

Can you give more details, if you are making your own package. If yes, then you need to write your own launch file accordingly so that all the parameters/files parses correctly. Please also refer to ...
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ros2 run gazebo_ros does not spawn urdf to gazebo

Is your model listed under Models/AMR in gazebo? Have a look at ~/.gazebo/server-xxx/default.log I have the same behavior with your file, because I don't have access to the STL files. Maybe this is ...
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What gazebo plugins should I use for robotic arm in ROS2-humble?

It really depends on your specific application but common plugins are: gazebo_ros_joint_state_publisher , since the ...
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robot does not spawn in ros2

The robot_state_publisher node is missing in the launch file. The node is waiting for a ...
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