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I work on race cars which occasionally race in built up areas such as street circuits. As part of the mandatory electronic systems we fit a GPS antenna to the car to allow vehicle tracking. Some of the guidance we have for the installation is Fit the antenna to the upper surface of the car Keep the antenna within 5 degrees of horizontal Do not place ...


You might also try the CoroBot by CoroWare. It can be used outdoors, but is much smaller than the Husky. Edit: Unfortunately, CoroWare seems to be out of business now.


TL;DR: the Clearpth Husky is a solid machine that will pull it's weight, but expect to get a few laughs from their complete lack of quality control. I can speak to the Clearpath Husky since my lab has two of them and I've worked with them quite a bit. It's a solid vehicle, great for mounting sensors on, works well indoors and outdoors. On the software side, ...


Inaccuracy due to multipath bounces is negligible compared to inaccuracy due to seeing fewer satellites, as Matthew Gordon answers. So on a land vehicle, roof is best. Towbar is very poor.

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