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Camera is not detected through pylon-ros-camera package

It appears that the ethernet and wifi cards were on the same network and for some reason interfered with pylon discovery of the devices. Once I put the ethernet card on a different network pylon was ...
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Rviz2 display nothing after window minimized

I think I fixed it. I follow this blog upgrade my mesa. I found it does not solve the isssue, but after I remove it reinstall the original mesa, the issue solved. It must be some problem due to mesa ...
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ROS 2 subscriber that controls RGB LEDs on a Raspberry Pi using rpi-ws281x-python

Not sure if you have seen this. Some solutions to this problem here: Mark
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Sending values to the hardware interface from a subscriber

You don't need to write a subscriber creating an instance of your hardware component. Instead, the controller_manager is loading the hardware component plugin for you. Have you had a look at the demos ...
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