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How to resolve import error?

You have a typo in importing the msg library. Try to edit the code From from geometry_msgs.msgs import Twist, Quaternion to <...
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how to use the rate.sleep function properly

Your approach of using timers and callbacks this way is slightly odd, for several reasons: you're re-creating a timer each time you get a pose (which, under the hood, makes use of the callback system,...
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How to simultaneously execute 2 turtlesims inthe same window

You are starting two turtlesim nodes, which will have a window each. However, if you just start the first and then call the spawn service on that node, you will get ...
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Failed to set parameters using the service /turtlesim/set_parameters of the SetParameters type

I found the solution by accident, but I cannot know why it is so. Below is the code ...
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