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ros2: transform pointcloud2 data from one frame to another in python

I don't know if it is too late but to anyone wondering how to do this, in this PR just they solved that for ros2 ( So you need to upgrade your ros version to ...
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"No transforms from [<any link>] to [<baselink>]" in Rviz2 when trying to launch robot model

The issue is that there exists no link with the name base_link. You can fix this by either renaming 'base_link_chassis' to 'base_link' in the urdf, or selecting 'base_link chassis' as your fixed frame ...
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How to approach a target pose via the XY surface normal?

Recall that one of the reasons we like quaternions is, like Matrices, we can multiply them to get one quaternion that represents both of their effects together. So, yes, if we know the orientation of ...
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How can I convert Quaternions rotation values into Angular Velocity?

It is possible to calculate x,y,z angular velocities from the time derivative of Quaternion. This blog has a detailed explanation for doing so: ...
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From euler angles to rotation matrix and vice versa

Assuming that Rotation is scipy.spatial.transform.Rotation, the seq string specifying the ...
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