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E: Unable to locate package ros-humble-tf-transformations

I think Tully is correct. You have installed ROS2 desktop from source. Then you will also need to locate tf-transformations package and install it from source. Today I have installed TF ...
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Separate your tf tree to have crucial frames update at a high frequency

tf2_server is the solution for ROS 1. It has several modes of working. In one, you can set a list of transforms of interest (or whole subtrees) and it will start publishing just the subtree on a ...
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Send sensor data to update rviz model

You'd want to write a ROS node that reads in your sensor data with a joint states publisher. Based off your sensor reading, you can publish the joint behavior you'd like. Then replace your ...
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Send sensor data to update rviz model

If you want to change those values, you'd need to stop the joint state publisher so that you can override them in rviz. Keep in mind Rviz is just a visualizer, its not a simulator like gazebo. Its ...
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