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Steering using different speeds in DC motors or using a servo?

I have been working on upgrading an autonomous robot as part of a university project for the past year. As part of my work I have been switching the old skid steering system to a new active steering ...
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Self learning robotics algoritm: feedback needed

What you are describing seems a lot like reinforcement learning, and yes, it works well for this sort of scenario. It is a popular enough approach that you should be able to find starter code in ...
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Steering using different speeds in DC motors or using a servo?

Automotive style steering can actually be simple. The conventional car has just one motor that powers two rear non-steering wheels through a differential. The differential solves the problem of how ...
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Sprockets for steering

They use of sprockets over synchronous belts depends on the power you need to move the rover steering. I wouldn't use sprockets + chains, mostly because moving the chains requires more power than ...
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Worm gearbox for steering

Axial (or thrust) force refers to the force applied along the axis of rotation, not the load that is applied to the motor. (This load would be a torque, anyways... not a force). Probably fine for a ...
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Motorised steering without shock absorber?

My bet is on a PMSM not a stepper, but that cannot be determined from an image. A non-back-driveable mechanism is advantageous, and can reduce the steady state power consumption of a system. It does ...
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4 wheeled differential wheeled (skid-steer) robot steering problem

The most likely cause is that your motor torque is too small. Another way to look at this is that the friction between wheel and ground is too large. You can reduce this friction by using smoother ...
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Do the distance function and steering function in an RRT have to be related?

I asked this question on OMPL's mailing list. OMPL is an very popular motion planning library. Here is the response: https://sourceforge.net/p/ompl/mailman/message/35918890/ The answer is yes, they ...
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Designing Ackerman's Steering Principle for an autonomous robot

The key device for Ackermann steering is the steering knuckle. It has two vertical mount and an arm with a third mount. The upper and lower control arms attach the vertical mounts to the frame of ...
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Servo motors for large scale RC car

What an interesting project! For braking I was going to suggest a linear actuator, but then I realized you have an ATV already designed for the human hand to actuate the brakes. Why don't you ...
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