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SLAM using ydlidar g4

You can use the slam_toolbox for SLAM using 2D lidar.
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What's the difference between factor graph optimization and bundle adjustment?

Factor graph optimization is a more general term that can be used in different contexts. It means you define a graph with nodes (states) and edges (constraints) and find a most likely configuration. ...
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Using SLAM in window cleaning robot

As @cst0 mentioned, you might be misunderstanding SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Without knowing more about the types of buildings you are considering, I will assume your robot is able ...
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Is there a way to do a 3D map only with a 2D Lidar and IMU sensor in ros2?

The simple solution is externally rotating the lidar but I don't recommand it. See the video below. Just using a low cost 3D lidar like mid-360 is much more ...
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How to use smartphone IMU in ROS?

There was a recent thread on the ROS Discourse about a possible student project to develop this. The project didn't get started unfortunately, but still there are a lot of relevant references in that ...
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How to use smartphone IMU in ROS?

I think you have the plan down - its the details of making it happen :-) You can also just send the raw data off the phone and then publish it via ROS on the main computer (if the phone isn't the main ...
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