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ArduPilot plugin for gazebo documentation

If you want some raw details, you will have to dig through some code, which you can find here. You can also check other folders in there for more examples and details.
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Difference between RotorS/CrayS in classic Gazebo vs Ignition-Gazebo(based on RotorS) for multi-rotors? Difference in functionality?

Talking about differences between Gazebo Classic and Gazebo (ignition) for aerial vehicles - So Gazebo classic needed a lot of additional plugins and ROS packages that needed to be made in order to ...
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Issues Installing TurtleBot3 Simulation Package and Turtlebot3 Packages

make sure that gazebo is installed in your system find out where gazeboConfig.cmake or gazebo-config.cmake file is located, ...
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How do I properly model tires in Gazebo?

I haven't worked with tires or wheels in gazebo much but for friction properties to work properly both the tire and the surface it is driving on need to have friction properties defined. Is there a ...
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Add a lidar to O3DE ros2 project

Update - I've made a simple example project that has a lidar, a camera, and box with wheels vehicles that have twist and ackermann control inputs: So far ...
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