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Yes, it's possible as long as you are willing to spend a couple of million dollars to develop a MIPI to PCI-E interface board. If you are just trying to use the camera on your broken iPhone, forget about it. If you really need high speed 12M pixel camera, use machine vision cameras. Ethernet version is faster than USB. Anyway, you need an "interface ...


You are correct. It's just a matter of interpretation. (1) is the guess on the location of the true value whereas (2) is simulating your sensor behavior. Your equation in (1) can be converted to N(z,sigma) = z + N(0,sigma) witch is eventually same as your second equation. Can we set Σ=Σ^, i.e. can we use the covariance learned in (2) in the setting described ...


How "good" the data is depends on how useful the results are for you. The only way that you can check accuracy is to compare your measured results to a true result - this would require you to measure from a known location.


I'm coming at this question from more of a, "How do rotary encoders work?" than anything specific to your question. how is it possible to mount an optical rotary encoder's disc to the bicycle wheel in such a manner that its angular motion will mirror that of the wheel? Welcome to engineering, haha. A rotary encoder typically has to parts: an ...

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