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I would mark each robot with an AprilTag or anyone of the fiducial markers available. Than with an "easy" openCV program and a camera observer you can track the movements and the orientation for each robot distinguishing each one form the others relying on the tag id detected.


To answer your question. Yes, myself and others have done this before. In practice you only need a subset of the telegrams for a given application. I think you would be surprised how quickly you can write what you need if you sit down and start coding. If you really get into it and handle all the telegrams, and are able to open the source code, I'm sure ...


The source code for decoding the telegram coming from the serial interface can be found here. The actual decoding is in the getScan() function at line 160. after identifying the required part of the telegram (which as it seems, comes form multiple readings of the serial port), the scan data is converted to Polar coordinates using the convertScanToPolar() ...


According to the SICK 300 driver in ROS, your endpoint data will be a sensor_msgs/LaserScan ROS message, which you could reach to its values such as ranges[] and intensities[] by the specified topic.

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