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How to determine which direction is the forward direction of the car in ROS?

You should model your robot such that the front of the robot would align with the +X direction of the frame displayed.You can take a look at REP-105 for more inspiration about what conventions you ...
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How can i show on my browser what i see on Rviz?

I assume it is not your intention to use third party tools but these worth giving a try: Foxglove webviz If you don't want to deal with these, then by using rosbridge_suite you can do so: ...
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can't see visuals in rviz

A couple of possible reasons: You need to add RobotModel (Ctrl+N > Scroll down to RobotModel) Make sure you've included the correct path to the model in your URDF
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Saving PLY file without rviz

Try point_cloud_io write. rosrun point_cloud_io write _topic:=/your_topic _folder_path:=/home/user/my_point_clouds It saves a ply file per point cloud message, if ...
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Robot getting spawned at the corner of map

First of all, make sure the Global Frame you are using in RVIZ is map, since you won't be able to set a 2D Pose Estimation if you are not on that frame. Watching your TF tree, odom frame is missing. ...
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Robot getting spawned at the corner of map

Typically you would just use the "2D Pose Estimate" button in RVIZ to locate the robot in the map where it is in reality. But if you wanted it to spawn in a specific place, just fill in the ...
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ROS2 Humble on Windows 10 - RVIZ2 gives error "Process exited with failure 3221225595"

For me, the solution was as Roberto said, but I also needed to copy some .dll files such as OgreMain.dll, ...
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