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I have found the problem after some long search on the internet. The problem was that in Rviz, X-axis is defined as front of the robot and Y-axis is defined as the sideways. However, in my URDF I defined the robot in a way where Y-axis was its front and X-axis was its sideways. After fixing this, my robot moves normally in Rviz and Gazebo both.


So the doc's were out of date. I just updated them as the mesh is actually of type voxblox_msgs::MeshBlock. Voxblox use to output a standard MarkerArray, however this form of visualization means you have to output the entire mesh every time any part of it changes. This meant when running on a robot and visualizing on a laptop we were saturating our wifi ...


These values are relative to the camera. Z is always positive as the camera can't see what is behind. X and Y can be positive or negative depending on if an object is left/right or higher/lower than the camera's viewing direction.


I just had to re-enter: source devel/setup.bash In every new terminal.


The origin defined inside link_01 is not the position of the cylinder in the global coordinate frame (the "world"), but in its own private frame. By default the object's center lies at the origin of its own coordinate frame, but in this case, the cylinder is shifted $0.2 m$ upwards along the $z$ axis, placing its bottom on the origin. The effect of this ...


The XYZ readings from the camera are in the reference frame of the camera. @FooBar is correct about the X/Y values: they are planar about the center of the camera, just like the OpenGL viewing window. I don't know the maximum range of the point-cloud data, but my suspicion is that the maximum z value is 1. (This could change, however, depending if you have a ...


I did install a YARP based environment on my droplet along with graphics and it works great. I use it for testing purpose. The installation in my case was very standard and when it came to graphics I simply searched for online guidance, which is usually super useful on Digital Ocean (DO). This is why I tend to prefer DO over other online premises: it's easy ...


I had this problem too. You just have to source the corresponding setup.bash for the terminal that runs rviz and the /voxblox_node/mesh topic will be available to show in rviz.

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