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Can I change the axis of rotation of the joints from urdf file?

Yes, you can modify it from its URDF file. Look for the joint tag: ...
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Obtaining rotation and translation matrix from homogeneous transformation matrix

The differences you see are very small (on the order of 1e-7), typical of floating-point arithmetic. Those differences are negligible for most practical purposes but are noticeable when examining the ...
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Rotation matrix to Twist command

Your description is a bit confusing and I am unable to post a comment for clarification based on my reputation score, so I will try my best to help. From your code, it looks like you only want to ...
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What determines a robots euler rotation order?

Any euler angles triplet can be used to represent the orientation of a rigid body (and so of the link a robot). I cannot answer for the particular robots you mentioned, but usually one choose a ...
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Calculate target orientation

From what you've said here, the goal pose relative to the robot_base frame has the following properties: Takes the transform of the ...
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From euler angles to rotation matrix and vice versa

Assuming that Rotation is scipy.spatial.transform.Rotation, the seq string specifying the ...
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From Euler angles to Rotation matrix Staubli

Consider using elemental rotation matrices as defined on this wikipedia.org page: ... then substituting the angle into the trigonometric functions in the matrix and finally cross multiplying the X, Y ...
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