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How to use int or double as input to "arg" in ROS launch file

As there is no C++ code mentioned in the question, I wonder if I understood your requirements correctly. However, I never faced issues with integers or double datatypes with the ROS launch file. Below ...
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rclcpp ROS2 params yaml file comments

Ok, not sure what was the reason for the error, but after some other things on focus it all seems to work fine even with comments. Thanks for the help anyways. And thanks @reason_rock for your comment....
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Parameter substitution within rosparam list inside launch file

You haven't provided a fully reproducible example to show what is actually going wrong. But based on your description it looks like you're setting that parameter twice and the one that you're trying ...
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rosparam param="source_list"

This xml tag has nothing to do with ros publish/subscribe. ros1 provides a simple key/value property database called the "parameter server". For this tag, ...
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