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2 votes

ROS Installaion on Windows - Please provide credentials for:

Answering my own question - for anyone that stumbles on this problem.It appears that this was a temporary bug of some sort. It failed to work for a few days, then rectified on its own. ...
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1 vote

Camera is not detected through pylon-ros-camera package

It appears that the ethernet and wifi cards were on the same network and for some reason interfered with pylon discovery of the devices. Once I put the ethernet card on a different network pylon was ...
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1 vote

Publishing data from Rust to Ros

ROS 1 The library you mention, rosrust, is for ROS 1. Its README contains complete examples of both message publisher and message listener right on the front page of the the project. If the nodes on ...
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1 vote

"call setup.bat" issue in ROS 2 humble install on windows 10

I encountered the same problem as you. I am a rookie too so I scoured for solutions and stitched them together: Go to, download & ...
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1 vote

ROS2 node unable to receive new service calls after first call

I ran into a similar issue and wanted to share my solution since it took me a lot of searching and effort to figure out. In short: when using multiple callback groups you should use a ...
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1 vote

Collision Update on a Manipulator Links

I added an external box link and attached it to link_1. However, this time I paid attention to not sizing the box which collides with neighbor links. In addition, I updated the self-collision matrices ...
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1 vote

Gazebo robot falls over on spawn; "The published robot description file (urdf) seems not to be genuine"

I have had a robot fall over when spawning because it was spawning in the ground. I am not sure that is the case here but making sure it spawns a centimeter above the ground has fixed this issue for ...
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1 vote

Gazebo robot falls over on spawn; "The published robot description file (urdf) seems not to be genuine"

A robot might fall over if the controller could not be loaded properly. The URDF error can happen if you have configured joints which are not included in your URDF, see the release notes here (only ...
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1 vote

Error while trying to run a launch file "Caught exception when trying to load file of format [yaml]: Expected only one root"

I found the problem. There was another launch file named "turtlebot3_tf.launch.yaml" in another package. Having deleted that and running "colcon build", closing the terminal and ...
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1 vote

I am trying to build a ROS/moveit catkin workspace and I get the error Could not find a package configuration file provided by "moveit_visual_tools"

I would proceed by installing the package, which causes the error: sudo apt-get install ros-melodic-moveit-visual-tools
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