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'catkin build' builds one more package than expected

generally it should not be a problem, if the build is successful. To properly answer your question it would be interesting to know what your src directory looks ...
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What is ENU frame in IMU?

ENU frame is the accronym of East North Up (XYZ). Which means that robot_localization expects your IMU to publish 0 degree rotation when the X axis of your IMU ...
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If I install ros noetic from source, will I be able to install noetic packages?

When you install ROS Noetic from source on Ubuntu 22.04, you'll likely need to install future ROS packages from source as well, because the sudo apt install method ...
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Simulating BlueROV2 with Gazebo 11 in ubuntu 20.04 and ROS Noetic

I am the author of freefloating-gazebo. It is not maintained anymore since many other packages now simulate hydrodynamics and thrusters through Gazebo plugins. They ...
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ROS node testing (publish/subscribe)

It turned to be out that there was not enough time to set up and start receiving messages before the publisher in my node starts sending messages. I fixed it by adding a delay between the subscription ...
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Objects slips from gripper during Gazebo simulation

I don't have ultimate solution for this problem. But, I guess the slipping issue is due to unstable contact physics. And, one of the reasons could be large simulation step. This parameter can be ...
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