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Gravity compensation

I'm afraid not, actually. Even if you have a perfect friction compensation and a perfect gravity compensation, you still need to deal with inertia. It will be extremely hard to swing it in arbitrary ...
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URScript - how to get the actual TCP pose in tool space coordinate system?

The actual TCP pose in TCP coordinate system will always be [0,0,0,0,0,0] because the TCP Coordinate system is defined in the current tool orientation.
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Robotic arm servo motor- Not enough torque

You almost always need some type of transmission between the motor and the joint. This is often a set of gears or a timing belt with 2 different sized toothed wheels. In some case it maybe a planetary ...
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Calculate joint torques in 3 joint RRR mechanism

Here below are the expressions you ought to recruit: $$ \mathbf{J} \left( \mathbf{\theta} \right) = \left( \begin{matrix} \frac{\partial x_e}{\partial \theta_1} & \frac{\partial x_e}{\partial \...
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SCARA robot configuration subtype (first axis vertical)

Staubli used to make a robot arm called the TS20 or earlier RS20 which was a small 20 cm reach scara with the vertical axis over the base instead of on the end of the arm. It was small for a ...
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