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ROS2 Industrial on Physical Hardware

There's some information about this in this issue: in particular:
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Mapping servo motor angles to 3d link angles

The problem is the servo rotation angle and the link or frame angle for forward and inverse kinematics seems to be apart in my project. This is normal. You need a kinematic description (usually ...
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IMU frame transfer to body frame

I think you may take use of rotation/ homogenous transformation matrices. It can help you convert a vector define wrt one co-ordinate frame to another. And the fact that both frames don't have any ...
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Robot doing random jerks while moving using computeCartesianPath

I can't comment on MoveIt, but if you are trying to move through a singularity: this is physically not possible. In a singularity the robot loses one or more degrees of freedom, so you have to relax ...
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Best Robot for Simulation

It depends on what you need to do. I assume you want to do path planning. If you just need a kinematic model, and you want to build your own path planning algorithm for that model, you can choose any ...
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