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Compliance control for a single link robot in matlab

In active compliance control, the control algorithm will actively adjust the robots control output based on the external disturbances. It helps reduce impact force on the manipulator, absorb shocks, ...
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Gravity compensation

The term you are looking for is a lift assist device. Technically they are not considered robots as the are guided by a human instead of being automated. They are often used on automotive assembly ...
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Robotic arm falls on its own after spawning model in gazebo

It was a bit confusing at first so I will summarise how I fixed it: Create a ros2_control.xacro file that will be included in the ...
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Robotic arm falls on its own after spawning model in gazebo

Foxy is EOL, please use a still supported ROS distribution. There were several fixes to gazebo_ros2_control regarding sagging robots. By having a look on your console output: Why are you using ...
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Objects slips from gripper during Gazebo simulation

I don't have ultimate solution for this problem. But, I guess the slipping issue is due to unstable contact physics. And, one of the reasons could be large simulation step. This parameter can be ...
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RViz cannot display robot arm until I enable show robot collision

Maybe it's because you didn't publish `joint_state? Rviz2 display model is based on subscription to topic like joint_state_publisher.
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