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Why the result of inverse kinematics is wrong? where is the problem of URDF file?Thanks!

Check with some tool like RViz to see if the joint zero position is where expected and if the direction of the rotation when changing from zero to some positive or negative angles matches what is ...
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Robotics Learning Path in Software, Simulation and Real Hardware

You are most likely overestimating your skills by a large margin, especially when looking at your other question from yesterday It's a good idea to try minimal example projects: An affordable real-...
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Error in trayectory generation Staubli VAL 3

You use the point type variable as the first parameter in movej, not the joint type. It is possible to use this type of parameter with movej, but this involves the robot performing inverse kinematics ...
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Can't integrate localization and navigation in my launch file

I think your error may be with the launch_argments in the rsp section. In the other sections launch_arguments has 2 tuples, while rsp only has one. This would explain the "not enough variables to ...
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get inertia matrix in urdf

The SI units of inertia are $kg * m ^2$ we use SI by default. The values are just the inertia tensor. The mass of the object is represented separately, but is inherent to the inertia. There is a ...
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