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1 vote

Undesired Transforms not available in RVIZ2

The issue is I kept all the values in axis tag under joint tag as zero even though its a joint. To correct the issue, just replace the value of axis with the direction in which you want the joint(...
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1 vote

robot_state_publisher-1 Error: joint limit: no effort

use this format: <limit upper="${2*3.14159}" lower="${-2*3.14159}" effort="100" velocity="10"/>
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1 vote

/tf topic is not published with specified namespace

I was able to address the problem through remapping the topic names when the offending nodes are initialized. robot_state_publisher itself publishes to /tf and /tf_static, and diff_drive_controller (...
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1 vote

Invalid frame ID even if the TF tree is produced correctly

Looking at your tf tree, I see that you have some transforms with timestamps in the range of the 40s and others that are many orders of magnitude larger. (Aka current time since the epoch) with ...
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1 vote

Unable to parse URDF using command line but can do it in launch file

I had this exact issue (using ROS2 Humble on Ubuntu 22.04) and after much frustrated old school debugging (i.e. delete part of the code until it works and gradually add code again until it breaks), ...
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