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Turns out there is in fact a very simple library called fortran-gpio for exactly that. Another option is to access GPIO pins through device files, see here for details.


In reading through the Johnny Five examples, it seems like the basic Motor command is supposed to be used if you're driving a motor directly. You're not, though - you're using an H-Bridge configuration. There is an example for that as well that gives the following for the motor command: const motor = new Motor({ pins: { pwm: 3, dir: 12 },...


Converting a joystick $(x,y)$ into differential-drive $(left, right)$ control is not difficult. But there are multiple approaches because of different robot and joystick characteristics. For example, compare the differences between a "playstation-style" controller joystick (which will usually be used in an all-or-nothing kind of way and might have a sloppy ...

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