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Steps one should take to eventually write a flight controller software: Step 1 Learn the mathematics and physics laws behind the airplanes, helicopters, multi-rotors, etc. Step 2 Learn electronics. Electronics is a huge field and learning the robotics related stuff would be enough. Step 3 Learn how computers work. The electronics behind a computer. How does ...


STM32F103C8T6 blue pill, the microcontroller can be a good candidate. You can program it with Arduino and Arduino IDE. Importantly, it is really weightless and has a small footprint. Supports high-speed UART and SPI(400KHz) which would be necessary for IMU-based feedback control.


Hey Josh thanks for your reply . I am using maplab as a slam algo as it takes imu data as an input Do you think there is something wrong with the imu data at timestamp 400 and beyond ? Or is it maplab doesn't detect key points on the video properly ? I am thinking of using extended kalman filter from 400 sec to 600 sec and using the output of maplab at ...


The any way would be SLAM itself. The point of SLAM is to reconstruct a trajectory given sensor inputs. That's just semantics though. I'm guessing you want to know how to handle failed sensor cases. If so, you have to detect those cases and reject the results. This can be done with multi-hypothesis SLAM or particle filters, but are significantly more ...

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