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No Python executables after colcon build (ament_cmake_python)

Make sure that those nodes are defined as executables. You can check this with the command ls -la, this will show you the permissions attached to each file of the ...
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ROS Subscriber receives a number of messages larger than the number of messages published by the publisher

Something might be wrong with your publisher logic or there is another source publishing to the same topic. The subscriber just reads the data that's published to the topic. You can check how many ...
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If i use a lambda function when creating a subscription, when it will be evaluated?

This pb is not ros2 related. cf explanations here : They propose this nice solution : ...
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I wanna publish a integer from potentiometer using a ADS1115 module value to control a led with a ros2 python publishersubscriber node

Let's look at your error. What does it say? Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/test1/ros2_ws/install/pyeng_adcpubsub/lib/pyeng_adcpubsub/talk", line 33, in sys.exit(...
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Call a service from a file in ROS2

Here is what I found works with Services that have multiple/multiline arguments: Humble, Ubuntu 22 i.e., this is the command line: ...
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Already higher than takeoff altitude(not descending)

Looking at takeoff.cpp, that error is generated at line 114-120. Looking at line 114, in particular ...
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