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How do ROS2 nodes find each other on the same computer?

The exact discover protocol/mechanism depends on the used DDS. For Fast DDS the default mechanism is called Simple Discovery: From the Fast DDS docs: "[...] each RTPSParticipant [ROS2 node] must ...
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How do ROS2 nodes find each other on the same computer?

I will try to answer it in steps : As you might know the middleware used in ROS2 for communication is DDS which creates different logical networks to share a Physical network. These different logical ...
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C++ Publisher and Subscriber in ROS2

When you Ctrl-C your application, it will no longer be subscribing and publishing. However, rviz2 "may" still be showing the details from the very last publication. It may be the case that ...
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Calling ROS2 subscriber callback function from another function

From a quick look, it seems that you missed the declaration of the variable x and y in your code. In C++ you need to declare ...
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