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Libraries to calculate kinematics using Screw Theory

Lynch and Park's Modern Robotics book uses the product of exponentials formula and screw axes to describe manipulators, and they have a well-documented library available in Python, MATLAB, and ...
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How do you calculate this integral term in this PI Controller Formula?

The term $X_e$ is not a matrix in SE(3) but a twist, as defined in the paragraph following the equation where it states that "... the configuration error $X_e(t)$ is not simply $X_d(t)-X(t)$, ...
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Forward kinematics confusing point

The author of the referenced thesis is using exponential coordinates and screw theory via the Product of Exponentials formulation to generate the sequence of transformations from one link to the next. ...
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Difference between Denavit-Hartenberg and Rodrigues formulas/conventions

The DH method requires you to carefully specify local frames attached to each link and calculate linear and angular offsets between those frames in a very specific way in order to reduce the effective ...
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Kinematics with Product-of-Exponentials terminology: not forward, not inverse

Try looking for terms like robot calibration, robot kinematic calibration or kinematic calibration. Have a look at Chapter 6 of [1]. [1] Springer Handbook of Robotics, Eds: B.Siciliano, O.Khatib, ...
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