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You're defining def pid_controller (kp,ki,kd,dt,error) ... the error is your e. The alternative would be to define def pid_controller (kp,ki,kd,dt,theta_reference,theta_feedback) and have error = theta_reference - theta_feedback e = error


Let me preface this by saying I've never done quadcopter controls before. With a vehicle, the gas pedal doesn't control speed or position, it controls torque. For a quadcopter, the equivalent would be the horizontal forces. The roll/pitch angles would be an input to the horizontal force, but thrust is also an input and the relationship is nonlinear: $F_{...


If I'm interpreting your description correctly (the two sensors are measuring the distance to the wall in a direction roughly perpendicular to the direction of travel and the two sensors are displaced so that one is more "forward" in the direction of travel) , you need to change the angle of the robot relative to the wall in order to change the ...

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