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What is the best way to attach a 3D printed part to a servo for robotics use?

Sounds more like a material/mechanics of materials problem to me. I'm assuming this is an FDM part, and the M3 nut is metal? The nut will have no trouble stripping this. FDM parts are far from 'full ...
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Double/Triple inverted pendulum always on a cart?

There's no reason why you couldn't do it with a servo on the first pendulum, but the problem is very different. Instead of motion constrained on a line (cart), motion is constrained along an arc. The ...
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Applying MoCap data to real life robot

Chuck's answer is correct; applying motion capture to a robot will make its legs move in a walking motion, but won't guarantee that the entire setup will remain upright. One simple fix for that ...
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Applying MoCap data to real life robot

Yes, you could control the legs, but no, you're probably not going to get the effect I think you're after. The legs will probably not walk on their own just because they're miming what your motion ...
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What type of servos are used in industrial robot arms like Universal Robot UR5?

First of all industrial robots drive trains with basically no play/backlash, plus the whole construction is very rigid. AFAIK they all use harmonic drive gearing, which is extremely expensive. Most ...
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I've got a few servo motor questions

That's a hobby servo, from a dubious source. It's not a technical device marketed to technical people, so don't expect a datasheet that has technical, verifiable specifications. There are hobby ...
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Why can't you buy continuous servos with absolute positioning?

I am looking into this type of absolute position encoder. They were used in the NAO robot. They are small, accurate and typically under $10 USD.
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Type of servo and torque calculation required for a 2axis robot arm

Torque is pretty easy to calculate. A 300 gram (2.94 Newton) mass at the end of a 340 mm (0.34 meter) arm is 1 Nm. (2.94 * 0.34). If the arm weighs 2 kg (19.61 N), and its center of mass is half it'...
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