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Why does ROS2 claim to be "real time"?

"Realtime" is a fairly vague term. What ROS is referring to is often termed "soft realtime" because it is able to calculate control actions as fast enough to keep up with the robot'...
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Value of ROS without real-time performance in robotics?

Let's start with a pick and place robot (a robot arm with a camera and a suction cup that recognizes object in a bin and picks them individually). We can move the robot above the box, and simply wait ...
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Simulator that allows your to test your real firmware inside a simulated world?

:EDIT: - In response to the question edit, In my simulator/test harness however, I simply have the BuggBoard 9000 connected to a power source and its running my firmware. Instead of a USB camera I ...
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The reason(s)/benefit(s) to use realtime operating system instead of while-loop on MCU

Using an RTOS on a microcontroller is for reducing the complexity of developing your solution, and reduces the need for programmer expertise for device drivers, at cost of increasing the complexity of ...
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